Why IP Fee Calculator?

Our calculator is an optimization tool that helps you limit time waste. It’s a convenient and efficient platform with validated IP lawyers from all over the world. Specifically, you can find agents in other countries and see their quotations on trademark applications, you can easily adjust countries or number of classes, depending on your clients’ needs. You can send quotations to your clients and prepare emails to agents – all from within the platform.

We have created the calculator, so you can spend time on increasing profit.

Limit time waste

Receive updated quotations instantly and reduce your non-billable hours with our adaptable templates for clients and agents.

Market your firm

Direct your marketing toward other IP professionals globally with little effort and get more billable matters.

Get global access

Connect with validated IP lawyers worldwide and get fixed prices on quotations in minutes.

Refine your strategy

Get your strategy refined by changing number of classes or countries and receive an updated quotation instantly.

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